Ghial goes green


GHIAL sees the right managing of environmental issues as a key factor of success.

GHIAL’s management constantly works to limit the environmental impacts and to give every possible resource to introduce new useful methods which can lead to the improvement of environmental efficiency and effectiveness.
The Management commitment to the environmental impact research is based on the following criteria:

1. Implement and maintain a working Environmental Managing System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 Standard;

2. Implement and maintain all the needed operations which can guarantee the compliance to the Law and Standards;

3. Pursue a reasonable improvement of the environmental efficiency and promote a proactive approach to the management of the ecological issues;

4. Implement an Environmental Managing System that include:
– Specific organization for the execution of an environmental policy;
– Release, broadcast and application of environmental procedures;
– Identification of the most significant environmental parameters;
– Continuous improvement of the targets.

5. Set up and update constantly a control system looking forward to prevent environmental accidents as well as emergency plans to control and reduce the effects of possible accidents.

6. Involve the whole personnel about environmental responsibility with training activities and warnings, to stimulate the propagation and the improvement of behaviors environmentally responsible.

7. Prior analysis and subsequent about environmental accidents and risks, paying particularly attention to the daily propagation and improvement of environmental performances concerning:
– Waste management considering the introduction of new technologies;
– Prevention against the spill of oils and dangerous liquid materials;
– Manage and control of emissions;
– Manage and control of water discharge;
– Control of sound emissions to the outside;
– Sensible use of energy and natural resources.

8. Promotion of correct environmental behavior to suppliers and contractors that work in site for GHIAL or to customers;

9. Cooperation with public authority;

10. Plan of periodical reviews and controls of the environmental performances of the plant, the proper functioning of the Managing System and the conformity with the environmental policy; correction of any non-compliance;

11. All the people that work in or for GHIAL have to respect our Environmental Policy, therefore it is available to all the employees and public too.

Castegnato, 20th of June, 2011