We see our “Business inside Society”, with moral and ethical obligations to all the stock holders: employees, customers, supplier, environment, State. This means Corporate Social Responsibility.

Encouraging the continuous improvement mindset into people, conscious that a mistake could be made and accepted, but not be repetitive.

Cutting down as much as possible every kind of waste (turn the light off while getting out from a room is a simple example which is useful to understand that the focus on efficiency and environment must start from small things).

Always working to optimize our processes and decrease production costs.

Steadily optimizing our internal flows of information, trying to cut the waste of paper.

Managing our own role suggesting targets and working to reach them.

Be respected for the assigned role.

Be an example for other colleagues.

Work with a supplier-customer mindset within the company.

Search for solutions, but most of all make them real.
Just Do It! If you don’t do, you won’t make learn and grow.